Student Council

Student Council is an esteemed position. To be in Student Council, a student must run and be elected to the office. The four elected members from each class meet occasionally before school, during school, or out of school. The student council sponsors such things as fundraisers, blood drives, homecoming activities, and other responsibilities. They also adopt a family for "Help for the Holidays" each year. The Student Council is an important part of this school and they play an important role in the entire experience.

Student Roster:

Taylor Murdock
Alyssa Whaley
Joey Stern
Mya Thomas
Emily Eppert
Sydney Rusche
Annie Smith
Lexi Hickman
Zoe Freer
Jesse McCurdy
Sydni Marshall
Luke RIch
Mariah Mason
Makayla McDole
Lauren Thompson
Sarah Whitaker



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